Botany Art Studio

Artist’s Name: Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien
Mobile No: 085 2353852
Address: Botany Art Studio, 56 New Street, Lismore, P51F5K6, Co. Waterford,
Facebook Page: Gooeeobrien Artist

Gooee (Margaret) O’Brien completed an MA Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, UK, an MA Landscape Architecture at Writtle University College. She also studied at the University of Cambridge, and University College Cork. Formal studies were augmented with skills development at Watts Online Atelier of the Arts, California and The Florence Academy of Art. Gooee works in Botany Art Studio in Lismore, Co Waterford.

Gooee’s Artist’s Statement: “I am fascinated by Formalism, both in terms of the creation of Form, and the revelation of the process by which Form develops from matter. This practice quadripartite; idea, matter, process and form (in that order) is at the core of my artwork. I take delight in the expression of my compulsion to investigate Form using the media of oil paint and clay”.

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